§ 10-601 Practice of law without admission to Bar; activity during disciplinary period.

(a) In general. - Except as otherwise provided by law, a person may not practice, attempt to practice, or offer to practice law in the State unless admitted to the Bar.

(b) Activities of lawyers on disciplinary status. - While an individual is on inactive status or disbarred or while the individual's right to practice law is suspended or revoked, the individual may:

(1) discharge existing obligations;

(2) collect and distribute accounts receivable; or

(3) perform any other act that is necessary to conclude the affairs of a law practice but that does not constitute practicing law.

(c) No defense to act through lawyer. - It is not a defense to a charge of a violation of this section that the defendant acted through an officer, director, partner, trustee, agent, or employee who is a lawyer.