§ 10-603 Practice of law by certain court and correctional employees prohibited.

(a) Scope of section. - This section does not apply to:

(1) a lawyer while employed as a part-time master for juvenile cases; or

(2) an individual while:

(i) performing an affirmative duty required by law; or

(ii) engaging in an activity related to a case in which the individual is a party or has a property interest.

(b) Practice of law prohibited. - Even if an individual has been admitted to the Bar, the individual may not practice law while employed:

(1) as a sheriff or deputy sheriff;

(2) in a jail or penitentiary, as:

(i) a warden or deputy warden; or

(ii) a superintendent or deputy superintendent;

(3) as a bailiff;

(4) as a clerk or deputy clerk of any court or an employee of a clerk;

(5) as a register or deputy register of wills or an employee of a register of wills; or

(6) as an officer or employee in a juvenile court.

(c) Settlement of estates and preparation of forms or documents in Prince George's County. - (1) This subsection does not apply to the settlement of small estates as set forth in Title 5, Subtitle 6 of the Estates and Trusts Article.

(2) In Prince George's County, a sheriff, deputy sheriff, warden, deputy warden, clerk, or employee of any court may not prepare or help in the preparation of any form or document that is filed in a court in that county or that affects a case that is or may be filed in a court in that county.