Rule 19-728. Post-hearing proceedings.

(a) Notice of the Filing of the Record. Upon receiving the record, the Clerk of the Court of Appeals shall notify the parties that the record has been filed.

(b) Exceptions; Recommendations; Statement of Costs. Within 15 days after service of the notice required by section (a) of this Rule, each party may file (1) exceptions to the findings and conclusions of the hearing judge, (2) recommendations concerning the appropriate disposition under Rule 19-729 (c), and (3) a statement of costs to which the party may be entitled under Rule 19-709.

(c) Response. Within 15 days after service of exceptions, recommendations, or a statement of costs, the adverse party may file a response.

(d) Form. The parties shall file eight copies of any exceptions, recommendations, and responses. The copies shall conform to the requirements of Rule 8-112.