Rule 19-723. Service of petition and order.

(a) Generally. A copy of a Petition for Disciplinary or Remedial Action filed pursuant to Rule 19-721 and the order of the Court of Appeals entered pursuant to Rule 19-722 shall be served on the attorney in the manner prescribed in Rule 2-121, or in any other manner directed by the Court of Appeals.

(b) Alternative Service. If after reasonable efforts the attorney cannot be served personally, service may be made on the attorney by serving the employee designated by the Client Protection Fund pursuant to Rule 19-604, who shall be deemed the attorney's agent for receipt of service. The employee promptly shall (1) send, by certified and first-class mail, a copy of the papers so served to the attorney at the attorney's address maintained in the Fund's records and to any other address provided by Bar Counsel, and (2) file a certificate of the mailing with the clerk and send a copy of the certificate to Bar Counsel.