Rule 19-722. Order designating judge and clerk.

(a) Order. Upon the filing of a Petition for Disciplinary or Remedial Action, the Court of Appeals may enter an order designating (1) a judge of any circuit court to hear the action, and (2) the clerk responsible for maintaining the record. The order of designation shall require the judge, not later than 15 days after the date on which an answer is due, and after consultation with Bar Counsel and the attorney, to enter a scheduling order. The scheduling order shall define the extent of discovery and set dates for the completion of discovery, designation of experts, the filing of motions, and a hearing on the petition. Subject to Rule 19-727 (a) and (e) and for good cause, the judge may amend the scheduling order.

(b) Service. Upon entry of an order under section (a) of this Rule, the clerk of the Court of Appeals shall send two copies to Bar Counsel. Bar Counsel shall serve a copy of the order and a copy of the petition on the respondent. The copies shall be served in accordance with Rule 19-723 or as otherwise ordered by the Court of Appeals.

(c) Motion to Amend Order Designating Judge. Within 15 days after the respondent has been served, either party may file a motion in accordance with Rule 8-431 requesting that the Court of Appeals designate another judge. The motion shall not stay the time for filing an answer to the petition.