Rule 19-718. Statement of Charges.

(a) Filing. Upon completion of an investigation, Bar Counsel shall file with the Commission a Statement of Charges if Bar Counsel determines that:

(1) the attorney engaged in conduct constituting professional misconduct or is incapacitated;

(2) the professional misconduct or incapacity does not warrant an immediate Petition for Disciplinary or Remedial Action;

(3) a Conditional Diversion Agreement is not appropriate under the circumstances; and

(4) a reprimand is not appropriate under the circumstances or a proposed reprimand (A) was offered and rejected by the attorney or (B) was disapproved by the Commission and Bar Counsel was directed to file a Statement of Charges.

(b) Content. The Statement of Charges shall be in writing and:

(1) in clear and specific language, inform the attorney of all professional misconduct charged;

(2) contain a reference to each Rule of the Maryland Attorneys' Rules of Professional Conduct allegedly violated; and

(3) include or be accompanied by a fair summary of the evidence developed through the investigation, including any response that the attorney sent to Bar Counsel regarding the matter.

(c) Service; Peer Review. Bar Counsel shall serve on the attorney and send to the Chair of the Peer Review Committee a copy of the Statement of Charges, together with the supporting documentation filed pursuant to section (b) of this Rule. The matter shall then proceed in accordance with Rules 19-719 and 19-720.

Cross reference: See Rule 19-708 (a) concerning service of the Statement of Charges on the attorney.