Rule 19-705. Disciplinary Fund.


(a) Establishment; Nature. There is a Disciplinary Fund. The Fund is created and administered pursuant to the Constitutional authority of the Court of Appeals to regulate the practice of law in the State of Maryland and to implement and enforce the Maryland Attorneys' Rules of Professional Conduct adopted by the Court. The Fund consists entirely of contributions made by attorneys pursuant to section (b) of this Rule and income from those contributions. It is dedicated entirely to the purposes established by the Rules in this Title.

(b) Payment by Attorneys. As a condition precedent to the practice of law, each attorney shall pay annually an amount prescribed by the Court of Appeals. The amount shall be in addition to and paid by the same date as other sums required to be paid to the Client Protection Fund pursuant to Rule 19-605.

(c) Collection and Disbursement. The treasurer of the Client Protection Fund of the Bar of Maryland shall collect and remit to the Commission the sums paid by attorneys to the Disciplinary Fund.

(d) Audit. The Commission shall direct annually an independent audit of the Disciplinary Fund. The expense of the audit shall be paid out of the Fund.

(e) Enforcement. Enforcement of payment of annual assessments of attorneys pursuant to this Rule is governed by the provisions of Rule 19-606.