Rule 19-703. Bar Counsel.

(a) Appointment. Subject to approval by the Court of Appeals, the Commission shall appoint an attorney as Bar Counsel. Before appointing Bar Counsel, the Commission shall notify bar associations and the general public of the vacancy and consider any recommendations that are timely submitted. Bar Counsel shall serve at the pleasure of the Commission and shall receive the compensation set forth in the budget of the Commission.

(b) Powers and Duties. Subject to the supervision and approval, if required, of the Commission, Bar Counsel has the powers and duties to:

(1) investigate professional misconduct or incapacity on the part of an attorney;

(2) issue subpoenas as provided by Rule 19-712;

(3) enter into and implement Conditional Diversion Agreements, issue notices, and administer warnings and reprimands;

(4) file statements of charges, participate in proceedings before Peer Review Panels, and prosecute all disciplinary and remedial proceedings;

(5) file and prosecute petitions for disciplinary and remedial actions in the name of the Commission;

(6) monitor and enforce compliance with all disciplinary and remedial orders of the Court of Appeals;

(7) investigate petitions for reinstatement and applications for resignation from the practice of law and represent the Commission in those proceedings;

(8) initiate, intervene in, and prosecute actions to enjoin the unauthorized practice of law;

(9) employ attorneys, investigators, and staff personnel as authorized by the Commission at the compensation set forth in the Commission's budget;

(10) discharge any employee;

(11) maintain dockets and records of all papers filed in disciplinary or remedial proceedings;

(12) make reports to the Commission; and

(13) perform other duties prescribed by the Commission, this Chapter, and the Rules in Title 19, Chapter 400 (Attorney Trust Accounts).