Rule 19-743. Order of reprimand

(a) Accompanying Requirements. As part of a reprimand, the Court may require the attorney:

(1) to reimburse a client for any part of fees paid in advance for legal services that were not completed;

(2) to make restitution to a client for any other sum found to be due to the client;

(3) to pay all costs assessed by the order of reprimand;

(4) to issue a public apology to designated persons; and

(5) to take any other corrective action that the Court finds reasonable and appropriate.

(b) Content of Order. Unless accompanied by a reported opinion, an order that reprimands an attorney shall (1) summarize the misconduct for which the reprimand is imposed, (2) include specific reference to any rule or statute violated by the attorney, and (3) state any requirements imposed on the attorney pursuant to section (a) of this Rule. Upon the entry of an order that reprimands an attorney, the Clerk of the Court of Appeals shall give the notice required by Rule 19-707 (e).