Legal Services

Responses to
Bar Counsel

  Responding to Bar Counsel Inquiries with letters that are:
  • Strategically Drafted to Meet the Attorney’s Professional Obligations Without Prompting Greater Scrutiny
  • Based Upon a Full Review of Grievances and All Records Relevant to Bar Counsel’s Investigation
  • Prepared for the Attorney's Signature to Exemplify the Professionalism of the Practice

Disciplinary Cases

  Defending Attorneys at All Stages of the Attorney Grievance Process:
  • Representation During the Course of Bar Counsel Investigations
  • Peer Review Proceedings
  • Negotiations with Bar Counsel
  • Conditional Diversion Agreements
  • Court of Appeals and Circuit Court Proceedings

Reinstatement Petitions

  Assisting Attorneys in Returning to the Practice of Law:
  • Working with Bar Counsel to Provide Supporting Documentation
  • Petitioning the Court of Appeals for Reinstatement
  • Attending All Proceedings Relating to Reinstatement

Assisting Bar Applicants on Admission to the Bar

Bar Admissions


 Helping Applicants for Admission to the Bar:

  • Assistance with Applications for Admission & Required Disclosures
  • Guidance on Character and Fitness Qualifications
  • Representation of Candidates in Proceedings Involving Admission to the Bar

Defending Against Legal Malpractice Cases
Malpractice Cases

  Representing Attorneys in Professional Liability Cases:
  • Defending Attorneys Sued for Professional Negligence in State and Federal Courts
  • Working with Legal Malpractice Insurers to Fight Claims Against Lawyers
  • In Appropriate Cases, Providing Expert Testimony on the Attorney's Standard of Care

Opinion Letters
& Consultations

  Opinion Letters Provide:
  • Evidence of Attorney’s Good Faith Adherence to Ethical Duties
  • Advice on Ethical Obligations in Specific Situations
  • Research on Professional Responsibilities

Law Firm Audits


Risk Management Audits to Promote Best Practices in:

  • Case Management Software Systems
  • Client Intake Procedures
  • Conflict of Interest Screening
  • Fee Agreements
  • Attorney Trust Accounts
  • Supervision & Personnel Issues
  • Coordination with Accountants, HR Consultants and Other Professionals to Ensure a Healthy Practice