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Clayton Greene, Jr.

Clayton Greene, Jr.

Judge, Court of Appeals of Maryland


Issue: What sanction should the Court impose upon an attorney who failed to remove earned fees from his trust account for a period of one year and did not fully cooperate with Bar Counsel's investigation?

Holding: Although this lawyer's failure to remove funds did not stem from a dishonest or selfish motive, there was no harm to his clients, he had no history of discipline, and ultimately provided Bar Counsel with the information sought, his "troubling attitude toward Bar Counsel and the investigative process" earned him a reprimand for this infraction.

Alleged Violations: Maryland Lawyers’ Rules of Professional Conduct 1.1 (Competence), 1.15(a) and (c) (Safekeeping Property), 1.5(a) (Fees), 8.1(b) (Bar Admission and Disciplinary Matters), and 8.4(d) (Misconduct), and Maryland Rules 16-606.1 Attorney Trust Account Record Keeping) and 16-607 (Commingling of Funds).

Citation: 440 Md. 292 (2014)