§ 10-302 Trust money account required for acceptance of trust money; financial institutions; interest.

(a) Required. - Unless a lawyer or the firm of the lawyer maintains an attorney trust account in accordance with this subtitle and the Maryland Rules, the lawyer may not accept trust money.

(b) Approved financial institution. - Each attorney trust account shall be maintained at an approved financial institution, as provided in the Maryland Rules.

(c) Interest and noninterest bearing accounts. - (1) An attorney trust account may be an interest bearing or noninterest bearing account.

(2) An attorney trust account may be:

(i) a savings account;

(ii) a checking account;

(iii) an account that is subject to negotiable orders of withdrawal; or

(iv) any combination of these accounts.

(3) A lawyer who deposits trust money in a noninterest bearing account is not liable for damages that relate to the loss of interest on the trust money if the deposit is made in compliance with:

(i) the provisions of this Part I of this subtitle; and

(ii) the applicable provisions of the Maryland Rules of Professional Conduct.