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Legal Services For Lawyers

Responses to
Bar Counsel

  Responding to Bar Counsel Inquiries with letters that are:
  • Strategically Drafted to Meet the Attorney’s Professional Obligations Without Prompting Greater Scrutiny
  • Based Upon a Full Review of Grievances and All Records Relevant to Bar Counsel’s Investigation
  • Prepared for the Attorney's Signature to Exemplify the Professionalism of the Practice

Disciplinary Cases

  Defending Attorneys at All Stages of the Attorney Grievance Process:
  • Representation During the Course of Bar Counsel Investigations
  • Peer Review Proceedings
  • Negotiations with Bar Counsel
  • Conditional Diversion Agreements
  • Evidentiary Hearings/Trials
  • Maryland Supreme Court and D.C. Court of Appeals Proceedings

Reinstatement Petitions

  Assisting Attorneys in Returning to the Practice of Law:
  • Working with Bar Counsel to Provide Supporting Documentation
  • Petitioning for Reinstatement
  • Attending All Proceedings Relating to Reinstatement

Assisting Bar Applicants on Admission to the Bar

Bar Admissions


 Helping Applicants for Admission to the Bar:

  • Assistance with Applications for Admission & Required Disclosures
  • Guidance on Character and Fitness Qualifications
  • Representation of Candidates in Proceedings Involving Admission to the Bar

Defending Against Legal Malpractice Cases
Malpractice Cases

  Representing Attorneys in Professional Liability Cases:
  • Defending Attorneys Sued for Professional Negligence in State and Federal Courts
  • Working with Legal Malpractice Insurers to Fight Claims Against Lawyers
  • In Appropriate Cases, Providing Expert Testimony on the Attorney's Standard of Care

Opinion Letters
& Consultations

  Opinion Letters Provide:
  • Evidence of Attorney’s Good Faith Adherence to Ethical Duties
  • Advice on Ethical Obligations in Specific Situations
  • Research on Professional Responsibilities

Law Firm Audits


Risk Management Audits to Promote Best Practices in:

  • Case Management Software Systems
  • Client Intake Procedures
  • Conflict of Interest Screening
  • Fee Agreements
  • Attorney Trust Accounts
  • Supervision & Personnel Issues
  • Coordination with Accountants, HR Consultants and Other Professionals to Ensure a Healthy Practice
Attorney Grievance defense attorney specializes in defending lawyers in disciplinary proceedings before the Maryland Attorney Grievance Commission and the D.C. Bar's Board on Professional Responsibility involving professional misconduct, legal ethics, disbarment, suspensions of law licenses, petitions for disciplinary action, reprimands and sanctions for unethical conduct. If you receive a letter from Bar Counsel Lydia Lawless, Disciplinary Counsel Hamilton Fox, or from any attorney disciplinary board in Maryland or the District of Columbia, retain experienced attorneys with expertise in lawyer discipline and breach of ethics cases to avoid sanctions for professional misconduct. We help lawyers avoid disbarment, suspension, reprimands, censure and informal admonitions by drafting responses to client grievances and ethical complaints; representing lawyers in peer reviews, evidentiary hearings, and oral arguments before the BPR and the Court of Appeals; filing petitions to reinstate an attorney's license to practice law; conducting law firm ethical compliance audits; and drafting legal ethics opinions to protect lawyers from ethics charges. In many cases, disciplinary proceedings may be dismissed, dismissed with a warning, or result in a conditional diversion agreement with Bar Counsel to rectify misconduct. Lawyers may need help in managing their law firm attorney escrow IOLTA trust account and complying with attorney trust accounting rules to avoid charges of ethical misconduct. Do not represent yourself in responding to an attorney grievance, law firm client complaint, or other allegation of ethical impropriety. Attorney grievance defense counsel may help you comply with legal ethics rules, avoid sanctions like suspension or disbarment, and avoid future attorney grievances.


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