§ 10-605.1 Certain communications to solicit clients prohibited.

(a) Applicability of section. - This section applies only to the following forms of communication:

(1) an audio recording;

(2) a computer on-line transmission;

(3) a facsimile transmission;

(4) a letter or other form of written communication;

(5) a telegraphic transmission;

(6) a telephonic transmission; and

(7) a video recording.

(b) In general. - A lawyer may not send a communication, directly or through an agent, to a prospective client for the purpose of obtaining professional employment if the communication concerns an action for personal injury or wrongful death, or otherwise relates to an accident or disaster involving the person to whom the communication is sent or the person's relative, unless the accident or disaster occurred more than 30 days before the date the communication is sent.

(c) Exception. - This section does not apply to a communication sent by a lawyer to a prospective client at the request of the prospective client.