Rule 19-709. Costs.

(a) Generally. Except as provided in section (c) of this Rule, and unless the Court of Appeals orders otherwise, the prevailing party in proceedings under this Chapter is entitled to reasonable and necessary costs. By order, the Court may allocate costs among the parties.

(b) Costs Defined. Costs include:

(1) court costs;

(2) reasonable and necessary fees and expenses paid to an expert witness who testified in the proceeding before the circuit court judge;

(3) reasonable and necessary travel expenses of a witness who is not an expert witness;

(4) reasonable and necessary costs of a transcript of proceedings before the circuit court judge;

(5) reasonable and necessary fees and expenses paid to a court reporter or reporting service for attendance at a deposition and for preparing a transcript, audio recording, or audio-video recording of the deposition; and

(6) other reasonable and necessary expenses, excluding attorneys' fees, incurred in investigating the claims and in prosecuting or defending against the petition for disciplinary or remedial action before the circuit court judge and in the Court of Appeals.

(c) Reinstatement Proceedings. In proceedings for reinstatement under Rules 19-751 or 19-752, the attorney shall pay all court costs and costs of investigation and other proceedings on the petition, including the costs of physical and mental examinations, transcripts, and other reasonable expenditures necessary to evaluate the petition.

(d) Judgment. Costs of proceedings under this Chapter, including the costs of all transcripts, shall be assessed by the Clerk of the Court of Appeals and included in the order as a judgment. On motion, the Court may review the action of the Clerk.

(e) Enforcement. Rule 8-611 applies to proceedings under this Chapter.