Rule 19-725. Pleadings; Motions; Amendments.

(a) Pleadings. Except as provided in section (b) of this Rule or otherwise expressly permitted by these Rules or ordered by the Court of Appeals, the only pleadings permitted in an action for Disciplinary or Remedial Action are the petition and an answer.

(b) Amendments. Bar Counsel may amend a petition and the attorney may amend an answer in accordance with the applicable provisions of Rule 2-341.

(c) Motions. Motions dealing with discovery, pre-hearing procedural matters, or matters arising at the hearing conducted pursuant to Rule 19-727 are permissible and shall comply with applicable provisions of Rule 2-311. Motions to dismiss the proceeding are not permitted.

Committee note: Proceedings on a Petition for Disciplinary or Remedial Action are conducted pursuant to the original jurisdiction of the Court of Appeals to regulate the practice of law and are not the place for collateral actions or such things as counterclaims. Moreover, because the authority of the circuit court judge designated by the Court of Appeals pursuant to Rule 19-722 is limited to taking evidence and making findings of fact and proposed conclusions of law, that judge is not empowered to dismiss a petition. Defenses to the petition may be raised in the answer and may be addressed by the designated judge, but only the Court of Appeals has authority to dismiss all or part of a petition.