Rule 19-301.10 Imputation of Conflicts of Interest: General Rule [MARPC 1.10]

(a) While attorneys are associated in a firm, none of them shall knowingly represent a client when any one of them practicing alone would be prohibited from doing so by Rules 19-301.7 (1.7) or 19-301.9 (1.9), unless the prohibition is based on a personal interest of the prohibited attorney and does not present a significant risk of materially limiting the representation of the client by the remaining attorneys in the firm.

(b) When an attorney has terminated an association with a firm, the firm is not prohibited from thereafter representing a person with interests materially adverse to those of a client represented by the formerly associated attorney and not currently represented by the firm, unless:

(1) the matter is the same or substantially related to that in which the formerly associated attorney represented the client; and

(2) any attorney remaining in the firm has information protected by Rules 19-301.6 (1.6) and 19-301.9 (c) (1.9) that is material to the matter.

(c) When an attorney becomes associated with a firm, no attorney associated in the firm shall knowingly represent a person in a matter in which the newly associated attorney is disqualified under Rule 19-301.9 (1.9) unless the personally disqualified attorney is timely screened from any participation in the matter and is apportioned no part of the fee therefrom.

(d) A disqualification prescribed by this Rule may be waived by the affected client under the conditions stated in Rule 19-301.7 (1.7).

(e) The disqualification of attorneys associated in a firm with former or current government attorneys is governed by Rule 19-301.11 (1.11).