Rule 19-305.7 Responsibilities Regarding Law-Related Services [MARPC 5.7]

(a) An attorney shall be subject to the Maryland Attorneys' Rules of Professional Conduct with respect to the provision of law-related services, as defined in section (b) of this Rule, if the law-related services are provided:

(1) by the attorney in circumstances that are not distinct from the attorney's provision of legal services to clients; or

(2) in other circumstances by an entity controlled by the attorney individually or with others if the attorney fails to take reasonable measures to assure that a person obtaining the law-related services knows that the services are not legal services and that the protections of the client-attorney relationship do not exist.

(b) The term “law-related services” denotes services that might reasonably be performed in conjunction with and in substance are related to the provision of legal services, and that are not prohibited as unauthorized practice of law when provided by a non-attorney.