Rule 19-304.2 Communication with Person Represented by Attorney [MARPC 4.2]

(a) Except as provided in section (c) of this Rule, in representing a client, an attorney shall not communicate about the subject of the representation with a person who the attorney knows is represented in the matter by another attorney unless the attorney has the consent of the other attorney or is authorized by law or court order to do so.

(b) If the person represented by another attorney is an organization, the prohibition extends to each of the organization's (1) current officers, directors, and managing agents and (2) current agents or employees who supervise, direct, or regularly communicate with the organization's attorneys concerning the matter or whose acts or omissions in the matter may bind the organization for civil or criminal liability. The attorney may not communicate with a current agent or employee of the organization unless the attorney first has made inquiry to ensure that the agent or employee is not an individual with whom communication is prohibited by this section and has disclosed to the individual the attorney's identity and the fact that the attorney represents a client who has an interest adverse to the organization.

(c) An attorney may communicate with a government official about matters that are the subject of the representation if the government official has the authority to redress the grievances of the attorney's client and the attorney first makes the disclosures specified in section (b) of this Rule.