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Clayton Greene, Jr.

Clayton Greene, Jr.

Judge, Court of Appeals of Maryland


Issue: What sanction should the Court impose upon an attorney whose misconduct included: (1) his knowing failure to respond to Bar Counsel's request for client information during the disciplinary investigation; and (2) the attorney's wrongful actions and inactions during the discovery process of the underlying civil proceedings which resulted in the dismissal of the client's medical malpractice claim with prejudice?

Holding: In the present case, an attorney's knowing and intentional conduct to conceal from his client and the courts the attorney's incompetence and lack of diligence warrants the ultimate sanction of disbarment.

Alleged Violations: Maryland Lawyers' Rules of Professional Conduct ("MLRPC") 1.1 (Competence), 1.2 (Scope of Representation and Allocation of Authority Between Client and Lawyer), 1.3 (Diligence), 1.4 (a) and (b) (Communication), 3.2 (Expediting Litigation), 3.3 (Candor Toward the Tribunal), 8.1 (Bar Admission and Disciplinary Matters) and 8.4 (a), (b), (c) and (d) (Misconduct).

Citation: 446 Md. 355, 132 A.3d 232